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Care & Repair is a local business with one-of-a-kind on the spot repair services in Winnipeg. We fix home appliances of all types and brands for a good price. The team of our repairmen is available 365 days a year so feel free to contact us anytime.

Wolf appliance repair

Our experienced technicians can fix your appliances the same day you call us as we constantly drive a van full of factory parts. Care & Repair professional technicians will examine your appliances and offer you a reasonable price for our repair services.

If we proceed immediately, you will pay no service fee with a repair. Care & Repair accepts Visa, MasterCard or Cash payment methods. Our firm is factory tested and you will get a written guarantee for all our repair services.

Call us at  (204) 400-4045 quickly if you need appliance repair services in Winnipeg. We will help you on the same day!


Same Day Service for Home Appliances

Having a broken appliance in your house for any longer than a few hours is not necessary anymore. Care & Repair offers the extra-beneficial, same-day repair service for all your Wolf appliances. We created an effective strategy that allows us to attend multiple customers at the same time. Namely, we placed several vans full of genuine parts across the region. Once a customer orders our Wolf repair service, we send the closest technicians to the given home address. Thus, all our customers are satisfied, which motivates us to keep investing in our appliance repair services in Winnipeg! If you need a quick repair for your Wolf oven, stove, fridge, dryer, washer or dishwasher, call us.

Extended Warranty

Team of Senior Repairmen

Care & Repair has a trained team of senior technicians that work amazingly as individuals and even better as a team. Depending on the problem of your Wolf appliance, we may send one or more technicians to fix your Wolf appliances. You will easily notice the professional work of our repair guys. Each one of our technicians works silently and leaves the spot completely clean, even after replacing big parts of the appliances, such as the motor. In addition, our repairmen will answer to all your questions regarding our Wolf repair services. We are always available for you; order our Wolf appliance repair services and let our technicians take care of your appliances.


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Repaired Appliances

Wolf Appliances

Wolf is primarily known as a manufacturer of cooking and catering products for customer and commercial use. After Sub Zero acquired Wolf in 2000, a large number of other Wolf appliances also gained popularity. Wolf appliances usually feature a classical, elegant style so you need fine skills to fix Wolf appliances. At Care & Repair, we have a team of professionals that know how to fix every Wolf appliance. That being said, you can call us if you need any type of Wolf repair service; we will happily serve and maintain your appliances.

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Wolf Fridge Repair

In case your refrigerator keeps running, there is a chance that your cooler has one or more defective parts. As a part of our Wolf fridge service, we will check your refrigerator and determine the exact issue of the fridge. After we fix the Wolf freezer, we will give you useful advice for the future utilization of the refrigerator.

Wolf Washer Repair

Overloading your washing machine can lead to a number of serious issues. In one of those cases, the drum of your washer would not be able to spin. You must order our Wolf washer repair service and we will repair your Wolf washing machine shortly. Additionally, our repair guys will teach you how to properly load your washer and avoid similar problems in the future.

Wolf Dishwasher Repair

If the float of your dishwasher gets stuck, your dishwashing machine will most likely start experiencing issues. Failing to fill up is only one of the consequences that your dishwasher could face. Our Wolf dishwasher service includes the diagnostics and repair of your Wolf dishwashing machine. In addition, you will pay no service call if you repair with us.


Wolf Dryer Repair

The heat is an essential element of your drying machine. If your Wolf dryer is not heating up, the appliance will not dry your clothes at all. Call us and order the Wolf drying machine repair service. We will find the problem and repair the Wolf dryer for you. The reasonable price of our Wolf dryer service will make you wonder why you didn’t call us before!

Wolf Stove Repair

You should always be able to adjust the temperature of your cooktop. If you notice the temperature inconsistency, call us immediately and order Wolf stovetop repair service. Our repairmen will diagnose the issue of your stove and fix the Wolf range for you. After our Wolf cooktop repairs, you will be able to adjust the temperature of the cooktop again.

Wolf Oven Repair

The door of your oven should always be able to open and shut completely. When you notice that the door is not working properly, order our Wolf range repair service. We will repair the Wolf oven for you and ensure the heat doesn’t go around your range but stays behind the closed door. In addition, we will check your Wolf cooktop and maintain the oven regularly, depending on your needs.

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