Moffat Appliance Repair

Same Day Repair is the leading provider of on-site repair services for household appliances of all makes and models. The prices of our repair services are easily affordable and we are available 365 days a year, anywhere in Winnipeg.

Moffat Applaince Repair

With a van full of genuine parts, our insured technicians constantly drive around Winnipeg so we can fix your appliances the same day we receive the order. If you repair with us, you will get a free service call.

We accept Visa, MasterCard or Cash payment methods. Same Day Repair is factory approved and you get a written guarantee up to one year on all our repairs.

Call us right now at  (204) 400-4045 and order the best appliance repair services in Winnipeg.


Ultra-Fast Repair Services in Winnipeg

At Same Day Repair, we offer a quick fix for all your Moffat appliances. Our technicians drive around Winnipeg nonstop with fully stocked vans. That way, our repair guys are always ready to fix a Moffat appliance anywhere in Winnipeg. As soon as you call us, we will send trained repairmen to your house. Before you know it, our team will be with you! Same Day Repair technicians will diagnose the issue of your appliance and offer you a good price for the appliance repair service. If you accept our fair quote, you will pay no service fee. The whole process will take only one day to finish so don’t stress over any broken appliances anymore.

Extended Warranty

Team of Experts at Moffat Repairs

The recruitment procedure at Same Day Repair was slow and very careful. We did not want to hire anyone that didn’t meet our high standards. After interviewing a long list of candidates, we chose the best repairmen to work with us. Among other skills, our technicians are experts at fixing Moffat appliances, which was one of our top requirements. Our great choice of repair guys brought prosperity to our local business as our customers are very satisfied with the repair services. Apart from being skilled technicians, our repairmen are also respectable and highly professional. You will meet our team once you hire our repair services in Winnipeg so don’t wait for too long. You won’t be disappointed!


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Repaired Appliances

Moffat Appliances

Moffat is a well-known brand in Canada with a long-lasting history and good reputation. General Electric Co. is the rightful distributer of Moffat appliances, which originally produced dryers and then expanded the offer with innovative refrigerators, ovens, washing machines, dishwashing machines, stoves, and ovens. At Same Day Repair, we have several technicians with extensive knowledge in Moffat appliances. Therefore, we will gladly repair the Moffat appliance for you anytime you order our Moffat appliance repair service.

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Moffat Dryer Repair

Thermostat is one of the crucial parts of every drying machine. If your Moffat dryer has a faulty thermostat, the drum could start spinning with no heat. Of course, you will not be able to use your drying machine properly in that case. Call us to order the best Moffat dryer service in Winnipeg. We will replace or repair the thermostat of your Moffat drying machine the same day.

Moffat Stove Repair

If one or more electric burners of your Moffat stovetop refuse to turn on, it’s time for our Moffat stove servicing. We serve and maintain Moffat cooktops in Winnipeg constantly so we will easily fix the Moffat range for you. Our company offers genuine parts for your Moffat stove. Therefore, the quality of our Moffat range service is outstanding. As a confirmation, you will get an extended warranty on all our Moffat repairs.

Moffat Oven Repair

You should not try to fix a Moffat range if you don’t have any prior experience in repairing Moffat ovens. Our repairmen are highly experienced at fixing Moffat cooktops in Winnipeg. Therefore, we can solve every issue of your Moffat range for a good price. In addition, you will pay no service fee if you repair with us.


Moffat Fridge Repair

Spending a summer without a fully-functioning freezer seems unbearable. In case you noticed any issues in the performance of your cooler, you better order our Moffat fridge repair service on time! We will avoid any further issues by checking your refrigerator completely. If we find any problem, we will fix the Moffat fridge at your house and you will be ready for the upcoming summer!

Moffat Washer Repair

Did you notice strange leaks around your washing machine recently? There could possibly be several causes of that occurrence. In any case, you should request Same Day Repair Moffat washer service quickly. We will send qualified technicians to check your washing machine and fix the Moffat washer for you the same day.

Moffat Dishwasher Repair

A faulty dishwashing machine will automatically cause a mess in your kitchen. We are fully aware of how important the dishwasher is for your household so we will fix the Moffat dishwashing machine for you extremely quickly. Only a few hours after you order our Moffat dishwasher service, we will send skillful technicians to your house. With the necessary tools and experience, our repairmen will repair a Moffat dishwasher for you the same day.

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