Sub Zero Appliance Repair Services

Care & Repair is a reputable provider of appliance repair services in Winnipeg and surrounding areas. Our company has over 10 years of experience in fixing appliances in Winnipeg for a good price.

Sub-Zero Appliance Repair

You can order our repair services in Winnipeg 365 days a year and get a warranty of up to one year on all our repairs. As a part of our rich menu, Care & Repair introduced a high-level Sub Zero appliance repair service.

If you need our repair services in Winnipeg and surrounding areas, please call us at (204) 400-4045. If you repair with us, you can wave the cost of a service call. In addition, you can contact us through Care & Repair website and order the Sub Zero service.


Repairing Sub Zero Appliances in One Day

Fixing Sub Zero appliances the same day turned out as a great business strategy in Winnipeg. Before the foundation of Care & Repair, people had to wait for days for a technician who repairs Sub Zero appliances in Winnipeg. Today, we offer the same-day repair service in Winnipeg and surrounding areas. Our professional technicians can fix appliances in Winnipeg quickly so we won’t make you wait for any longer than necessary.

Extended Warranty

Experienced Team of Trained Technicians

The professional team of Care & Repair technicians passed difficult tests before becoming privileged members of our company. After a demanding hiring procedure, we selected the best team of technicians to provide our repair services in Winnipeg. Our repairmen are experienced in all kinds of Sub Zero repairs. Therefore, if you need a technician who repairs Sub Zero appliances inclusively, please call us. We will send a trained repair guy to fix your Sub Zero appliance immediately.

Sub Zero Appliances

Sub Zero is an American-based company that primarily focuses on producing refrigerators and wine preservation products. Relatedly, the first product of Sub Zero was a freestanding freezer. Sub Zero appliances are recognized by the modern design and advanced features. Although customers buy Sub Zero appliances for the regular households, this brand is very popular in commercial use as well. You can see Sub Zero ranges and refrigerators in cafeterias and restaurants frequently, which confirms the quality of SUB Zero appliances.

Get 25$ OFF Any Repair

Our Happy Clients

Sub Zero Fridge Repair

If your Sub Zero freezer is not cooling enough, there might be an internal problem of your cooler that could turn into a breakdown. We can repair Sub Zero refrigerator for you by examining the whole fridge and finding the issue. Following, we will fix Sub Zero fridge and replace all the faulty parts of your cooler. After the visit of our repairmen, your freezer will work impeccably again.

Sub Zero Washer Repair

Is your washing machine leaking and you don’t know any technician who repairs Sub Zero washers in Winnipeg? Care & Repair is a solution for all the issues of your appliances! Our all-inclusive Sub Zero repair service is what you need to prevent the leaks of your washing machine. Care & Repair technicians will take less than one day to fix your Sub Zero washer in Winnipeg.

Sub Zero Dryer Repair

Did you notice that your drying machine is not heating and, therefore, your clothes are not drying? There is probably a serious issue that our senior technicians know how to fix. You can order our repair services in Winnipeg quickly and we will take all the necessary measures to fix Sub Zero dryer for you. Do not hesitate to call us and order Sub Zero dryer service in Winnipeg and surrounding areas.


Sub Zero Dishwasher Repair

Seeing the crumbs of the food or dirty marks on your dishes after taking them out of the dishwasher surely won’t make you happy. Even worse, that problem will not resolve by itself. In order to help you out, you need to order our Sub Zero dishwashing machine service in Winnipeg. We will clean the interior of your dishwasher and you won’t have to deal with dirty dishes anymore!

Sub Zero Stove Repair

If your range is not turning on, there is a chance that your stove has a problem with the power supply. You need a repair guy who repairs Sub Zero stovetops in Winnipeg urgently. Care & Repair will send the technicians with experience in fixing Sub Zero cooktops and we will diagnose the problem of your range. Following, our repairmen will fix your stovetop and try it out in front of you. The results of our effective appliance repair service will be visible right away!

Sub Zero Oven Repair

Is your Sub Zero oven not baking evenly and you keep destroying all the attempts of making a nicely baked cake? The problem will persist if you don’t order Care & Repair range service on time. Our certified repairmen will fix Sub Zero oven for you the same day you request our repair services in Winnipeg. Therefore, do not waste your time and call Care & Repair now.

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