Dryer Repair Winnipeg

Same Day Repair is an innovative company with the best repair services in Winnipeg and surrounding areas. We have been building our reputation for over 10 years that served us to promote high-quality repairs in Winnipeg. The 100% customer satisfaction and a warranty of up to one year on all our repairs confirm the reliability of our appliance services.

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We are open during the whole year, including weekends and holidays. Therefore, if you need extraordinary repair services in Winnipeg and the surrounding areas, you can call us anytime.


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Repairing Appliances in Winnipeg Today

Fast service is one of the main characteristics of Same Day Repair. We provide a quick fix for your appliances across Winnipeg and the surrounding areas. If you need a company that will repair your appliance in one day, we are a perfect choice! Our fully stocked vans circulate around Winnipeg and surrounding areas constantly. Therefore, we always have a technician who repairs dryers and other appliances close to your home. After you order our appliance repair services in Winnipeg, we will send the closest repairman guy to fix the appliances for you quickly.

Qualified Team of Experienced Technicians

Our repairmen are highly experienced in fixing appliances in Winnipeg and surrounding areas. With extensive knowledge in appliance repair and great skills, our repair guys can solve any problem with your appliance. The repairmen at Same Day Repair are insured and motivated to constantly do better work. For that reason, our technicians never downgrade the quality of their repairs. Instead, the repair guys at Same Day Repair keep putting the maximum effort into every task. Therefore, repairing your appliance will be another challenge for our senior technicians. Call us and let our repair guys demonstrate the quality of their work by fixing your appliance the same day.

Extended Warranty

If you need any of our Winnipeg appliance repair services, you can call us anytime at (204) 400-4045. Same Day Repair is available 365 days a year and you get a free service call if you repair with us. If you prefer, you can submit your order through our website.

Dryer Repair Service in Winnipeg and Surrounding Areas

Are you are looking for an experienced technician who repairs drying machines in Winnipeg? Same Day Repair has the best repairmen in the region and we can fix your dryer today!

Keeping your drying machine in a good condition is very important. If you don’t maintain your dryer, the appliance could easily start overheating, making noise or wrinkling your clothes. In those circumstances, you would need to order dryer servicing quickly. Preventing a serious issue is better than dealing with an enormous problem. Not ordering a dryer repair on time could damage or even burn your clothes. In that case, the consequences of a faulty dryer would cost you even more than ordering our affordable appliance repair.

Fixing drying machines in Winnipeg and surrounding areas has become a routine for our repair guys. We fix dryers of all brands and all makes. Therefore, your drying machine is certainly included in our dryer service!

Order our dryer repairs and let us repair a drying machine for you speedily.


Below is the list of some brands included in our dryer service.

Electrolux Dryer Repair Service

Same Day Repair Electrolux dryer appliance repair service includes a wide range of Electrolux drying machines. From old, traditional dryers to the models of the newest generations, our repairmen can fix your Electrolux dryer efficiently. After a quick call, we can repair Electrolux drying machine for you.

Bosch Dryer Repair Service

Bosch is a German manufacturer that produces drying machines of the highest quality. Since Bosch dryer appliance repair requires professional technicians and advanced tools, Same Day Repair is your best choice. We fix Bosch dryers quicker than any other provider of dryer services in Winnipeg. The speed does not affect the quality of our dryer repairs; you will get speed and efficiency from our appliance repair services.

GE Dryer Repair Service

Repairing GE dryers is not easy for many appliance repair companies because of the diversity of GE drying machines. For Same Day Repair, that is not a problem! We fix GE dryers regardless of the model, production date or style. You can order GE dryer repair service anytime and we will happily fix your GE drying machine quickly.

Maytag Dryer Repair Service

The advanced features of Maytag drying machines require high-level equipment and skills, in case your appliance faces an issue. Same Day Repair specializes at fixing Maytag dryers in Winnipeg. Therefore, we will arrive to your home address with all the necessary equipment and experienced repairmen. Within only a few hours, we will repair Maytag drying machine for you.

Kenmore Dryer Repair Service

Same Day Repair is definitely the most beneficial provider of Kenmore dryer appliance repair services in Winnipeg. The high-end technology of Kenmore drying machines is not difficult to repair for our technicians. If you need Kenmore dryer servicing of the best quality in Winnipeg and surrounding areas, call us right now!