Kenmore Appliance Repair Services

Same Day Repair technicians have been fixing Kenmore appliances in Winnipeg and surrounding areas for over 10 years. Thanks to our magnificent Kenmore appliance repair services, we proudly hold a 100% customer satisfaction.

Kenmore Appliance Repair

Our repairmen are experienced in all types of Kenmore repairs, including stove, oven, fridge, dryer, dishwasher and washer repairs.

If you need any of our appliance repair Kenmore services in Winnipeg, please call us at (204) 400-4045. If you repair with us, you will get a free service call. You can fill the form on Same Day Repair website as well and our customer service will get back to you soon.


Fast Kenmore Repair Services

Same Day Repair introduced the same-day repair service that allows us to fix Kenmore appliances in Winnipeg quickly. Therefore, if you need an urgent Kenmore service, we will gladly help you out. It is easy for our technicians to visit you in Winnipeg and surrounding areas because of our systematic method to spread the vehicles across the region. That way, when we receive a Kenmore service order, our repairmen can head to your home immediately.

Extended Warranty

Professional Team of Repairmen

Same Day Repair takes a good care of the staff and that’s one of the reasons why we have a perfect team of technicians. We constantly motivate, reward and support our repairmen. All of our repair guys are insured and treated with respect. Our company understands the input of the technicians and the duties of the company towards the staff. For that reason, our repairmen are happy to work for Same Day Repair. Consequently, the work of our senior technicians is amazing. Just like the company takes care of the repair guys, they take care of the company in return. The best way to demonstrate loyalty is by providing the best repair services in Winnipeg and that’s exactly what our repairmen do.

Kenmore Appliances

Kenmore is an American brand of home appliances, originally sold by Sears, Roebuck and Co. The name of this brand appears for the first time in 1913 when Kenmore sold a four-drawer drop feed sewing machine. Afterward, Kenmore introduced a washing machine in 1927, a vacuum cleaner in 1932 and continued to produce home appliances in the future. From 2017, famous manufacturers such as LG, Whirlpool, Panasonic and Electrolux, started producing Kenmore products.

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Our Happy Clients

Kenmore Fridge Repair

If the temperature of your Kenmore freezer is not cold enough, Same Day Repair technicians should examine your refrigerator as soon as possible. We will find the issue of your cooler and provide the adequate Kenmore fridge service. Our repairmen are skilled in all types of Kenmore fridge repairs. Therefore, if you call us now, we will fix your Kenmore refrigerator by the end of the day.

Kenmore Washer Repair

A broken or outworn belt of a washing machine will prevent the spinning of your washer. Our repair guys can replace the belt of your washing machine and help you use your washer normally again. Call our Kenmore washer service centre in Winnipeg and order Kenmore washing machine service.  Don’t waste your time keeping a washer that doesn’t work and let us fix your Kenmore washing machine today.

Kenmore Dryer Repair

Did your drying machine stop heating up suddenly? In that case, you probably know that your clothes are not going to dry. Order Same Day Repair Kenmore dryer service urgently so we can fix your Kenmore drying machine and prevent any consequences of the malfunction. Call us and our technicians will start fixing your Kenmore dryer the same day.


Kenmore Dishwasher Repair

A faulty dishwasher can leave spots and marks on your dishes if you don’t fix your Kenmore dishwashing machine on time. Since time is the top priority for Same Day Repair, we will fix your Kenmore dishwasher the same day you order our Kenmore dishwasher appliance repair service. Our senior technicians will examine your Kenmore dishwashing machine and then offer a good price for the Kenmore dishwasher service. If you repair with us, you get a free service call.

Kenmore Stove Repair

Do you need qualified repairmen to serve and maintain your stovetop? Same Day Repair extensive Kenmore stove service can take care of your cooktop completely. By sending our repair guys to your home, we will fix your Kenmore range in only a few hours. Call us at and order our extraordinary Kenmore stove service.

Kenmore Oven Repair

Only a broken light of your range could indicate a serious problem of your Kenmore oven. You need a professional technician who repairs Kenmore ranges in Winnipeg to identify the problem of your oven. With Same Day Repair Kenmore oven repair service, our technicians will discover all the issues of your Kenmore range quickly. Afterward, the repairmen will fix your Kenmore range and ensure your oven keeps performing perfectly.

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