Hotpoint Appliance Repair

Same Day Repair provides extraordinary direct repair service for home appliances of all brands and all makes. We offer fair prices for high-quality appliance repair services anywhere in Winnipeg.

Hotpoint Appliance Repair

Our team is available on call 24/7 so you can contact us anytime; Same Day Repair expert technicians will fix your appliances the same day you book an appointment because they drive a van full of original parts.

After examining the faulty appliances, our professional repairmen will offer you a fair repair quote and you will pay no service fee with a repair. We accept Visa, MasterCard or Cash payment methods. We are factory tested and you get an assurance on all our appliance repairs.

Give us a quick call at (204) 400-4045 right now and order our repair services in Winnipeg.


Same Day Fix in Winnipeg

If you are looking for a fix the same-day service, our technicians are ready to start fixing Hotpoint appliances in your house right now. You don’t have to worry about your oven, stove, fridge, dryer, washer or dishwasher because our repair services are available 24/7. Call our customer service in Winnipeg and order the Hotpoint repair service. Soon after your call, our repairmen will head to your home address. Before you know it, our technicians will get your appliance fixed for a reasonable price. In addition, you will waive a cost of a service call if you repair with us.

Extended Warranty

Skilled Team of Professional Technicians

At Same Day Repair, we treat our repairmen with great respect and consider every achievement as our mutual success. That positive approach brought us a team of loyal, professional technicians that truly care about our customers as well. Thanks to the good working atmosphere, teamwork, and encouraging behaviour, our repair guys love working for Same Day Repair. Consequently, our technicians complete every task with major precision and professionalism. Once you order our Hotpoint appliance repair service in Winnipeg, you will witness the great work of our trained staff. Also, you will get a free service call if you repair with us as a sign of our appreciation and beginning of a long-term collaboration.


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Hotpoint Appliances

GE Consumer & Industrial is the manufacturer of Hotpoint appliances so the quality of Hotpoint products is undeniable. Although Hotpoint is not as popular as GE, you can still find many of these appliances across the Winnipeg region. The intelligent features of Hotpoint appliances demand a high-quality Hotpoint repair service in Winnipeg. Our technicians are experts at fixing Hotpoint appliances so you can contact us if you need any Hotpoint repairs.

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Hotpoint Fridge Repair

If the water dispenser of your refrigerator stops working, it will automatically affect the performance of your freezer. Possibly, the water supply tube could be frozen and you need our technicians to repair Hotpoint cooler for you. With our Hotpoint factory parts, we can replace the water supply tube completely, if necessary. All you need to do is call us and order our Hotpoint fridge repair service in Winnipeg.

Hotpoint Washer Repair

Usually, a washing machine will stop working if the lid is open. If that’s your case, our technicians will check the lid switch and determine the problem of the washer quickly. Following, our repairmen will fix the Hotpoint washing machine for you and ensure you continue using the washer normally. If you repair the Hotpoint washer with us, you will get a free service call.

Hotpoint Dishwasher Repair

Opening the door of your dishwashing machine and have your kitchen flooded with soapy water certainly sounds frustrating. If that happens, you need to act immediately and order our Hotpoint dishwasher repair service. One of the problems of your dishwashing machine could be the float switch, among other potential causes. Our repairmen will find the issue of your dishwasher and repair the Hotpoint dishwashing machine for you the same day.


Hotpoint Dryer Repair

A broken belt is one of the most common problems of Hotpoint drying machines and our technicians know exactly how to fix it. At Same Day Repair, we use genuine parts for our Hotpoint dryer servicing. Therefore, we will replace the broken belt with a new, original Hotpoint belt for your drying machine. Moreover, our repairmen will give you a warranty of up to one year on all our Hotpoint drying machine repairs.

Hotpoint Stove Repair

Temperature inconsistency could easily occur if you don’t maintain your cooktop regularly. Our professional technicians will examine your range and remove all the potential threats within your stove. Following, we will ensure the temperature of your cooktop doesn’t keep going up or down. Instead, stovetop’s temperature will always be exactly as you adjust it.

Hotpoint Oven Repair

Self-cleaning is a useful, innovative feature of modern Hotpoint ovens. Sometimes, your range could stop self-cleaning because of several internal issues. With our Hotpoint oven repair service, we will examine every part of your cooktop and find the exact problem of your range. Furthermore, we will maintain your cooktop whenever you call us. Regular maintenance is important for the good functionality of the appliance. At Same Day Repair, you can get the Hotpoint oven appliance repair service for a good price, anywhere in Winnipeg.

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