LG Appliance Repair Services

Do you need a technician who repairs LG appliances in compliance with the highest standards of the brand? Same Day Repair LG appliance repair is a remarkable service that includes all types of LG repairs.

LG appliance repair

Our technicians fix stoves, LG ovens, fridges, dryers, dishwashers, and washers of the oldest and newest generations. With 100% customer satisfaction, we confidently claim that Same Day Repair is the best at fixing LG appliances in Winnipeg.

Please give us a quick call at (204) 400-4045 if you need our LG appliance repair service in Winnipeg and surrounding areas. Use the excellent opportunity to get a free of charge service call if you repair with us. Additionally, you can contact Same Day Repair service centre in Winnipeg by submitting your request via our website.


Well-Organized Same-day Repair Service

Productive, good organization is one of the key factors of a successful company. For that reason, Same Day Repair created the same-day repair service that placed our repair services in Winnipeg on a whole new level. Same-day repair enables our technicians to fix appliances in Winnipeg and surrounding areas within one day. As soon as you request our LG appliance repair service, we will direct capable technicians to your home. Regardless of your exact location, our appliance repair LG service is available to you. As long as you live in Winnipeg and surrounding areas, we will make sure to fix your LG appliance today.

Extended Warranty

Professional Team of Technicians

Growing from a small local business to a successful company was not an easy task for Same Day Repair. However, we had strength, determination and a powerful plan from the early foundation of our firm. A significant element of our plan was the recruitment of professional technicians that will provide the best repair services in Winnipeg. It is exactly our clever selection of certified repairmen that opened the big doors of the appliance repair industry to Same Day Repair. Our senior technicians created an impeccable public image of Same Day Repair by providing quality repair services in Winnipeg. After you order our LG repair service, you will understand why everyone has only good things to say about our repairmen.

LG Appliances

LG was founded in 1958 and they have a rich history of manufacturing household appliances. Although the company derives from South Korea, LG is one of the best-selling appliance and electronics brands in the world. Stylish, classy and innovative appliances characterize LG as a manufacturer. In addition, LG designs user-friendly appliances that are easy to use even when they feature the most innovative technology. Furthermore, LG has significantly high customer ratings in all the fields of electronics and appliances.

lg repair winnipeg

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LG Fridge Repair

If your refrigerator is leaking, it won’t take long until the water starts damaging your flooring. Resolve the issue of your cooler by ordering Care & Repair LG fridge repair service. Our technicians will check the freezer and find the issue quickly. Afterward, the repairman will offer you the most convenient solution for your refrigerator. Care & Repair all-inclusive LG fridge services are available for your needs right now.

LG Washer Repair

Does the loud noise of your washing machine seem unbearable? We can help you get rid of it! Call Care & Repair and order LG washer repair service in Winnipeg and surrounding areas. We will send certified technicians to repair your LG washer instantly! Not only the noise of your washing machine will disappear but the overall performance of your washer will improve.

LG Dryer Repair

If you’re experiencing troubles with your drying machine, there is a quick way to get a solution! Care & Repair LG drying machine service include the LG dryer repair and maintenance. No matter the level of the damage, our technicians can fix your LG dryer in one day. Give us a quick call and our repair guys will be with you very soon!


LG Dishwasher Repair

Fixing a dishwasher is an easy task for Care & Repair senior technicians. Our repairmen are experts at fixing LG dishwashing machines in Winnipeg and surrounding areas. If you call us on time, we can fix your LG dishwasher in one day. Use our beneficial free service call if you repair with us. For a good price, we can serve and maintain your LG dishwashing machine regularly.

LG Stove Repair

The modern LG technology of the integrated stovetops requires frequent LG stove servicing. Even when you can’t notice any issues yet, our repairmen will examine the cooktop and give an accurate report of the current condition. If necessary, we will provide the LG stove repair service immediately. On the other hand, if your range is still performing well, we will maintain your stovetop regularly.

LG Oven Repair

Did your oven stop baking evenly? Let us find the issue inside of your range! Our repair guys will bring all the necessary tools to detect the issue and repair your LG oven speedily. Call us today or submit your request via Care & Repair website. Our technicians will be with you to fix your LG oven very soon!

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