Thermador Appliance Repair

Same Day Repair is the number one provider of on-site repair services in Winnipeg. We fix appliances of all brands and all makes for a good price and we are available 24/7. Our certified technicians can repair your appliances the same day you order our repair services because we always have a van full of factory parts on the move.

thermador appliance repair

After diagnosing the problems of your faulty appliances, our insured repairmen will give you a fair quote for the repair services. If you hire us, you will get a free of charge service call for all repairs.

At Same Day Repair, we accept Visa, MasterCard or Cash payment methods. We are factory approved and you will get an assurance on our repair services as a confirmation of our quality.

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Quick Repair Service in Winnipeg

Our customers are used to the high quality of our appliance repair services in Winnipeg. As a part of our end-to-end repair services, we fix appliances in Winnipeg the same day we receive an order. That being said, we are constantly on the move as we have customers across the entire region. Regardless of the location, we are able to repair Thermador appliances extremely quickly. With multiple vans driving around Winnipeg at all times, we are able to respond to every order. The same-day repair service is one of the highlights of our local business so you should try it out as well!

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Experienced Group of Certified Technicians

Becoming a part of Care & Repair staff is not easy at all and our technicians can confirm it. The recruitment for our team of repairmen was long and extremely strict. We did not want to hire any technician that didn’t meet our high standards. Good behaviour, prestigious certifications, rich CVs and great repair skills were some of our top requirements. Once we formed an ideal group of certified technicians, we were completely sure that our local business offers the best repair services in Winnipeg. To this day, the situation remained the same. We still have a group of exceptional repairmen that will gladly fix Thermador appliances for you. Hire us and discover why we are so confident about the great work of our repair guys!


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Repaired Appliances

Thermador Appliances

Thermador is an American brand of luxury home appliances. As a part of the Bosch Company, Thermador keeps introducing high-end products with elegant exterior and complex interior! Due to the complexity of these systems, you need great technicians to repair Thermador appliances for you. At Care & Repair, we offer advanced Thermador repair services. If you have a faulty Thermador stove, oven, fridge, dryer, washer or dishwasher, call us right now.

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Thermador Fridge Repair

A bad temperature control board could cause the freezing of your food inside the cooler. If you don’t order our Thermador freezer repair service, your food will keep freezing and the problem could become even more serious. Therefore, order our Thermador refrigerator service and let us repair the Thermador fridge for you today.

Thermador Washer Repair

The annoying buzzing of your washing machine could indicate that a foreign object got stuck in the pump of the washer. If the pump didn’t get too damaged, we will remove the dangerous object and prevent further consequences. However, if the foreign object affected the pump significantly, we will have to replace this part of your Thermador washer. In any case, our Thermador washing machine service will solve the issue of your washer in the best possible way.

Thermador Dishwasher Repair

The door of your dishwashing machine must shut completely so that your appliance can work properly. If the latch of your dishwasher needs a quick fix or a replacement, you can order our Thermador washer repair service. Our technicians will find the best solution for your dishwashing machine and fix the door of your Thermador washer adequately.


Thermador Dryer Repair

A broken belt could stop the drum of your dryer from spinning, even when the motor is working. That is a relatively small problem for our technicians. If you request our Thermador dryer repair service, we will replace the broken belt with a new, original Thermador belt. We will fix your Thermador dryer the same day and you will get a warranty on all our Thermador repairs.

Thermador Stove Repair

Only one faulty electrical cord could be dangerous for your stove, your house, your family and you! Before anything bad happens, you can call our repairmen to serve and maintain your Thermador cooktop. We will check all the wires of your range as a part of our Thermador stovetop service. In addition, our repairmen will check the cooktop and ensure your stove works perfectly.

Thermador Oven Repair

Although a broken light of your oven doesn’t seem like a serious problem, it could be worse than you think. Before you try to fix the Thermador range alone, you should order our Thermador oven repair service. Our repair guys are experts at fixing Thermador cooktops in Winnipeg. Therefore, we will tell you immediately if the problem of your range is serious or not. Furthermore, we will repair the Thermador oven for you completely.

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