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Same Day Repair Winnipeg is the leading provider of appliance repair services in Winnipeg and surrounding areas. Our company was founded 10 years ago with an aim to introduce comprehensive appliance repair services in Winnipeg.

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Until our foundation, there was an enormous deficiency in Winnipeg and surrounding areas. The past appliance repair companies used to offer either fast or efficient services, never both of those factors together. We did not want to offer either speed or quality – we wanted to offer both! For that reason, we hired a team of professional analysts that designed a perfect strategy.

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Affordable Appliance Repair in Winnipeg and Surrounding Areas

Our appliance repair services are easily affordable and highly beneficial! Apart from the reasonable price of our repairs, we offer a great chance to get a free service call. Namely, our technicians will diagnose the issue of your appliance after you call us. The repairmen will give you a fair quote for the appliance repair service on the spot. If you accept the good price of our repair service and you tell our technicians to fix your appliance immediately, you won’t pay the price of the service call! On the other hand, if you decide to postpone the appliance repair, you will only pay the price of the diagnostics.

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We decided to hire senior technicians and spread our vehicles across Winnipeg and the surrounding areas so that we could always be able to respond to the requests of our customers. Our plan was very successful as we were finally able to offer something nobody else offered before – quick fix with long-lasting results!

The high quality of our appliance repair services is extremely important for Same Day Repair. We constantly maintain our 100% customer satisfaction by putting maximum effort into every task. Therefore, we dedicate to every order individually and provide our best appliance repair services in Winnipeg and surrounding areas.

Professional Team of Technicians

Same Day Repair technicians obtain certifications from elite Universities from different parts of the world. We did not want to hire any repair guy that did not meet the high requirements of our company. Apart from the theoretic knowledge, our repair guys are highly skilled, flexible and fast. Same Day Repair gathered the best team of technicians in Winnipeg and surrounding areas; you will see why we have the most qualified team of repairmen when you order our appliance repair services!

If you need our appliance repair services in Winnipeg and surrounding areas, you can give us a quick call at (204) 400-4045. In addition, you can fill the form on our website and we will contact you as soon as possible!


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