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Care & Repair offers excellent on-site repair services for home appliances of all types and brands. You can get our high-quality appliance repair services for a good price anywhere in Winnipeg. Our technicians are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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By spreading vans full of factory parts across the region, we can fix your appliances the same day you call us. Care & Repair senior repairmen will offer you repairs with a chargeless service call so do not miss your chance!

We accept Visa, MasterCard or Cash payment methods. Care & Repair is factory approved and all our Westinghouse repairs come with an extended warranty.

Call us immediately to order Care & Repair appliance repair services in Winnipeg!


Same Day Fix in Winnipeg

When we founded Care & Repair, we introduced the same-day repair service that our customers started to love immediately! In fact, our clients are so used to the quick repair services that waiting for a few days is not an option anymore! We are proud to be the most reliable provider of appliance repair services in Winnipeg. Our customers know that we will not let them down as we get to work immediately after receiving an order. Only a few hours after your request, we will repair the Westinghouse appliances for you. Therefore, we won’t let a broken appliance ruin your day! Call us to order the same-day repair service in Winnipeg right now.

Extended Warranty

Experts at Fixing Westinghouse Appliances

Fixing the Westinghouse appliances is not simple and not every regular technician is able to repair the Westinghouse appliances. In order to provide the best Westinghouse repair service in Winnipeg, we hired technicians with extensive skills in repairing Westinghouse appliances. Our senior repairmen know exactly how Westinghouse appliances function! Regardless of the model, Care & Repair technicians will solve the issues of your Westinghouse appliances the same day. All you need to do is call us and we will direct our professional repair guys to your house. Do not think twice and order our Westinghouse service right now.


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Westinghouse Appliances

Although Westinghouse is also keeping up-to-date with the latest technology incorporated in the modern home appliances, this brand focuses more on the durability of the products. With 60 years of experience, Westinghouse maintained a good reputation as a reliable producer of household appliances. At Care & Repair, we can fix Westinghouse appliances of earlier and later production dates. Therefore, just give us a quick call to order Westinghouse repair service in Winnipeg. We will gladly repair a Westinghouse oven, stove, fridge, dryer, washer or dishwasher for you.

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Westinghouse Fridge Repair

Is your cooler facing leakages frequently and you are tired of the wet kitchen floor? We can help you with our Westinghouse fridge repair service in Winnipeg! After examining your cooler, we will find the exact issue of the refrigerator quickly. Furthermore, we will offer you a fair quote for the Westinghouse freezer repair service. If you accept, you will pay no service fee and you will get rid of the leaks once and for all!

Westinghouse Washer Repair

Your washing machine might fail to finish the cycle if the timer of your appliance is defective. Our repairmen will examine the entire washer and identify the exact problem of your washing machine. Following, we will fix the Westinghouse washer for you and the washing cycles will end properly in the future. Furthermore, we can maintain and repair the Westinghouse washing machine for you whenever you call us.

Westinghouse Dishwasher Repair

A faulty switch of your Westinghouse dishwasher could prevent your dishwashing machine from starting. If you request our Westinghouse dishwashing machine servicing, we will first examine your dishwasher completely. After confirming that the problem is a faulty switch, we will replace that part of your dishwashing machine. Thus, you will be able to use your appliance normally thanks to our efficient Westinghouse dishwasher repairs.


Westinghouse Dryer Repair

A bad timer or a bad thermostat are the main reasons why your dryer won’t work at all. In most cases, we will need to replace one or both of those parts during our Westinghouse dishwasher servicing. Our technicians will offer you the best solutions for the Westinghouse dishwashing machine service. After your confirmation, we will implement an original thermostat and/or timer to your dishwasher.

Westinghouse Stove Repair

Bad burners of your cooktop can make your stove completely useless. When you request our Westinghouse stovetop service, we will test all the burners of your range. After finding the malfunctioning burners, we will offer you the best solutions. Our technicians can repair the Westinghouse stovetop for you by replacing one or more burners, depending on the damage.

Westinghouse Oven Repair

Your cooktop should always heat up exactly to the temperature of your preference. Once the oven starts heating over or under the adjusted temperature, it’s time for our Westinghouse range servicing. We will serve and maintain your cooktop, ensuring that the temperature of the range stays consistent. Call us and order our Westinghouse oven appliance repair service in Winnipeg!

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