Error Codes of Washer

Washer error codes by brands

We have prepared all the necessary data about almost all makes and models of the washing machine. Search and apply suggestions. It is not possible to overestimate the benefits of the following tables due to a variety of error codes they consist of. I will likely find so many brands in one place.

Bosch Error Codes

Error codeIssueWhat to do
E16/F16Door openClose the door
E17/F17Water overflowingThe tap can be clogged. Inspect the tap and clean it up.
E18/F18Pump time exceededPerform the reset of the washing machine – turn the appliance on and off.
E19/F19Heating issueOne of the obvious causes can be the faulty thermostat. Inspect it and, if needed, replace it.
E20/F20Unexpected heatingReset the washing machine by turning it on and off.
E23/F23Aqua-stop activatedThe appliance is likely to be overloaded.
E25/F25Turbidity sensor issueReplace the turbidity sensor.
E26/F26Problem with the analogue pressure sensorInspect continuity of the sensor using the multi-meter. If it is defective, replace it.
E28/F28Flow sensor issueCheck the voltage of the flow sensor using the multi-meter. Replace it, if there is no continuity.

Samsung Error Codes

Error codeIssueWhat to do
nd, 5EDraining issueThe filter in the drain pump is likely to be clogged. Clean the filter by removing all debris and restrictions.
LODoor issueDisconnect the appliance and open the door. Replace the door latch if it is damaged or worn out.
nF, 4EWater filling issueThe water inlet valve assembly might be defective. Replace the assembly.
FLDoor lock issueInspect the wires connected to the door lock assembly. If they are sound, the door lock assembly has to be replaced.
LEDoor lock issueInspect the wires connected to the door lock assembly. If they are sound, the door lock assembly has to be replaced.
OEWater overflowing issueUnplug the appliance. If the water still keeps flowing, the water inlet valve assembly is faulty. Replace it. Also inspect the water level sensor.
E2, bE2Stuck bottomFree the button by pressing down on the top of the keys on the control board.
tE, tE1Water temperature issueReplace the thermistor (temperature sensor).
SFThe control board issueReset the washing machine, by unplugging it for 5 minutes. Plug in the appliance. If the error code displays again, the control board is faulty. Replace it.

LG Error Codes

Error codeIssueWhat to do
IEInlet water supply issueMake sure the water supply faucets behind the washing machine are open. Inspect the fill hoses whether they don’t have any kinks. The inlet water valves are also to be checked. Replace the defective parts.
UELoading issueRedeploy the clothes in the washing machine. The load has to be balanced. Avoid any overloading or underloading.
OEDraining issueInspect the drain hose whether there aren’t any kinks and restrictions. Disconnect the washing machine and examine the wiring between the control board and the drain pump. Change the defective wires. Replace the drain pump, if it is malfunctioning.
FEWater overflowing issueInspect the inlet water valves to learn whether they cut off the water supply after the washing machine is filled. If the valves are faulty, you are to replace the inlet water valve assembly.
dEDoor failureUnplug the washing machine and examine the door. In case the door is damaged, replace the faulty components. Examine the door lock (switch assembly wiring). If the wires are sound, replace the door lock (switch assembly).
tEHeating sensor issueExamine the wiring of the thermistor sensor, having checked it continuity using the multi-meter. The measures should be 40,000 ohms at 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Replace the thermistor, it is out of order.
PFPower issueThe power outage could occur in the process of cycling. Restart the appliance.

Electrolux Error Codes

Error codeIssueWhat to do
E11, E12Water filling issueOpen the tap, it is likely to be closed. Another obvious reason can be the low water pressure. Also check the water fill solenoid valve. Replace the valve, if it is faulty.
E13Water leaking issueCheck the drain hose for the kinks and restrictions. Also examine the pressure switch that is likely to be faulty. Replace the defective pressure switch.
E35Water overflowing issueThe water fill solenoid is malfunctioning. Replace it.
E38Pressure chamber blockedThe motor drive belt is supposedly damaged or worn out. Replace it.
E74NTC sensor issueMake sure the NTC sensor is fitted properly. Check its continuity with multi-meter. If it is defective, replace it.

Kenmore Error Codes

Error codeIssueWhat to do
F0 E2Undue sudsUse only the high quality detergent. To prevent suds, use the sufficient quantity of detergent.
F0 E4Water temperature issue (during the rinse cycle)Check whether the fill hoses are fitted properly. Inspect the temperature sensor (thermistor) – the measure should be around 50,000 ohms at 77 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature sensor is faulty, replace it.
F0 E5Loading issueEnsure you didn’t overload the washing machine. Inspect the suspension rods and springs. If they are damaged or worn out, replace them.
F1 E1Control board failureUnplug the washing machine and inspect the wiring connections of the control board. Replace the control board, if the wires are damaged.
F1 E2Motor control issueInspect the drive motor windings for its resistance. If the motor is defective, replace it. Otherwise, you should replace the main electronic control board.
F2 E1Stuck key issueIf the stuck key cannot be freed up, replace the user interface control.
F3 E1Water level pressure sensor issueOpen the console and check the thermistor for its resistance – it has to be 50,000 ohms at room temperature. If the thermistor is malfunctioning, replace it.

Maytag Error Codes

Error codeIssueWhat to do
F1 E1Control board issueReset the washing machine by unplugging the appliance for 5 minutes. Plug in. If the error code shows up again, you are to replace the main electronic control board.
F1 E2Motor control board issueInspect the wiring on the motor control board. If the wires are not sound, the motor control board needs to be replaced.
F3 E1Water level pressure switch issueExamine the wire harness between the water level pressure switch and the control board. If the wire harness is damaged, replace it. If the wiring is ok, the water level pressure switch is to be replaced.
F3 E2Temperature sensor issueUnplug the washing machine and inspect the wiring connected to the temperature sensor. Reconnect the loose wires. If the wiring is sound, you have to replace the temperature sensor.
F5 E1Door switch issueInspect the door lock/switch and replace it, if it appears to be defective.
F6 E2 / F6 E3Communication error between the control board and the user interface control.Inspect the wire harness between the main control board and the user interface control. Any loose wires need to be reconnected. If the wire harness is damaged, replace it.

Whirlpool Error Codes

Error codeIssueWhat to do
IntThe cycle is cancelled or pausedPress the pause button or the cancel button twice and the power button once. If the error code is still showing up, unplug the washing machine for one minute.
rL / F34There are found within the clean washer cycle.Any items need to be removed from the drum. Restart the clean washer cycle.
Sud / Sd Sud / Sd Excessive sudsUse only the high efficiency detergent. Also check the drain hose for the kinks and restrictions.
F8 E2Dispenser System issueMake sure the detergent drawer or detergent cartridge is not plugged up with detergent. Remove the clogged detergent from drawer and cartridge.

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Dishwasher Error Codes

Dishwasher error codes by brands

If your dishwasher is malfunctioning, you will see the error code on its display. The error code is bound to point out the cause of the problem. We have compiled a list of the most common error codes. Find the brand of your appliance and the code that is shown on its display. We hope the error list will assist you much since it has been formed on the basis of the dishwasher manufacturer error codes.
In case you can’t find the error code, the certified technicians of Care&Repair in Toronto will identify the problem and fix it within the shortest possible time range.

Bosch dishwasher error codes

E0No fault
E01 or E1Heating problem
E2Temperature sensor is defective
E3Water filling problem
E4Check the water switch
E5Water overflow
E6The water sensor is out of the whack
E9Flood prevention is on
E15No water detected
E22Water drain issue; 24 hour delay

Samsung dishwasher error codes

0EWater overflow
4EWater supply problem
4E1The temperature of the filling water is over 175 degrees Fahrenheit
5EDraining issues
6EDraining issues
9ELow water level
bE2The button on the control panel is stuck
HEWater heater issue
HE1The temperature sensor (the thermistor) reports the temperature of water in the tub 176 degrees Fahrenheit and higher
“Heavy”Water leakage
Lights HighlightedTemperature sensor issue
LEWater leakage
0EWater overflow issue
PEHalf-load issue
SEDraining issues: not draining at all or draining not fast enough
tE1The temperature sensor (the thermistor) issue

Frigidaire dishwasher error codes

i20, i40, iF0The filters are clogged or the drain line issues
i30Water leakage or water overflow
i50The drain or the motor problem
i60The water heating system is faulty
iC0Electronic control system id defective
UOVentilation outlet is open
UFFan is malfunctioning
ERMembrane switch problem
CEConfiguration failure
CLThe door is not closed
dPDrain pump issue
FLWater valve is not closed
HOHeating is delayed
hsHall sensor failure
LORinse Aid is malfunctioning
PFPower issue
rAThe Rinse Aid issue
REThe rinse aid reed switches issue
RFThe Rinse Aid issue
rtTriac test/Relay issue
SdThe detergent dispenser is out of order
tuThe turbidity sensor is defective

LG dishwasher error codes

OEDraining problem
LEMotor is malfunctioning
HEHeating is out of order
FEWater filling problem
CEMotor issue
PFPower failure
tEThe thermal problem
iE – IE – 1E – 1e – e1Water inlet issues

Electrolux dishwasher error codes

LOC or locThe door is locked
01The water leakage
02The thermistor sensor is malfunctioning
03The motor is defective
04The upper fan is out of order
05The upper fan or the ventilation outlet is faulty
06The lower fan is not functioning
07The drain valve failure
08The user interface control error
09No communication between the user interface control and the control board
10The control board is faulty
11The drain valve issue
12The drain valve issue
13The control board is out of order
30Inconsistency between the pressure switch and the anti-boiling pressure switch
50The motor circuit is out of order

Whirlpool dishwasher error codes

F1The temperature sensor problem
F2Water leakage
F3Heating system is out of order
F4Draining issue
F5Spray arms are defective
F6No water detected
F7The flow meter failure
F8The water turbidity issue
F9Water inlet is open
F0The water sensor is malfunctioning
FAHigh level of water turbidity
FBThe diverter valve is out of order
FCThe water hardness sensor is faulty

Kenmore dishwasher error codes

start resume light blinking slowThe door is closed or the start button is stuck
clean light is blinking 7 timesHeater circuit is out of order
sanitize LED blinking at the end of the cycleSanitation is malfunctioning
console light blinking fastThe button on the control panel is stuck

Maytag dishwasher error codes

1-1The electrical relay on the circuit board is stuck
1-2Electronic control board issue
2-1The button on the control panel is stuck
2-2User interface control fails to communicate with the control board
3-1The thermistor issue or the optical water indicator failure
3-2The thermistor or the water indicator has a short-circuit
3-3The optical water indicator is faulty
4-3No communication between the wash pump motor and the control board
5-1The door latch issue (door won’t close)
5-2The door latch issue (door won’t open)
6-1No water detected
6-2The water inlet valve problem
6-3The water pump issue
6-4The float switch needs to be checked
6-6The entering water is too cold
6-7The flow meter is defective
7-1Heating element is out of order
7-2Heating element issue
8-1Draining is too slow
8-2Power issue with the drain pump
10-1The detergent dispenser issue
10-3The drying fan is defective

Kitchenaid dishwasher error codes

1-1The stuck relay on the circuit board
1-2The control board issue
2-1The stuck button on the control panel
2-2The control panel is faulty
3-1Problem with the thermistor
3-2The thermistor or OWI has a short-circuit
3-3The optical water indicator is out of order
4-4The pump motor operation has no circulation
5-1The door is not closing
5-2The door is not opening
6-1No incoming water detected
6-2The water inlet valve issue
6-3The water pump is malfunctioning
6-4The float switch is open
6-6The incoming water is very cold
7-1The heating element failure
7-2The heating element doesn’t turn off
8-1Slow water draining
8-2The drain pump is defective
9-1The diverter issue
9-2Check the diverter position
10-1The detergent dispenser is faulty
10-2Problem with the vent wax motor
10-3The drying fan is out of order